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Data on Florida Bike & Walk Casualties for 2005

The Florida Dept. of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) Traffic Crash Facts 2006 report is now posted (in PDF format) at Traffic Crash Facts 2006

From the Summary:

16.2% of all traffic fatalities were pedestrians. 546 pedestrians were killed and 7,754 were injured in 8,346 crashes involving pedestrians.

Drinking is a major problem with pedestrians in traffic crashes. 11.32% (1,001) of all pedestrians in crashes (8,839) had been drinking and 34.07% (186) of all pedestrian
fatalities (546) had been drinking.

3.7% of all traffic fatalities were bicycle drivers and their passengers. 124 bicyclists were killed, 2 bicycle passengers were killed, 4227 bicyclists were injured, 39 bicycle passengers were injured, in a total of 4611 crashes involving bicycles

The 2006 pedestrian fatality total is fewer (about 5% less) than the 576 killed in 2005.

The bicycle driver-passenger total of 126 is greater than the 119 killed in 2005.

The totals in each county for the past 5 years are reported on pp. 46-49. For those of you who use the county totals by age group, we will try to get that data for you in a few weeks.

National results have not yet been released by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


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