A community coalition to promote bicycle & pedestrian safety in Gainesville and Alachua County, Florida.

How does BPAB relate to the MTPO? What is the MTPO?

A Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is an agency in cities that have greater than 50,000 residents in a defined urban area, this agency coordinates various major transportation matters. MPO’s have responsibility for “planning, programming and coordination of federal highway and transit investments”. Locally, our MPO is referred to as the Metropolitan Transportation Planning Organization (MTPO). This group is a liaison between the City and County local governments, and is made up of both the City and County Commissions; University of Florida (UF) & the Alachua County League of Cities, and is staffed by a an agency called the North Central Florida Regional Planning Council (NCFRPC).
The MTPO sends recommendations to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) regarding local transportation matters in the defined MTPO urban area. FDOT make decisions on the recommendations of the MTPO as outlined by respective federal guidelines. There are federal guidelines because this is the area of government, which provides the funding to FDOT for execution of the transportation projects/recommendations. One of the requirements for the federal funding is that the MTPO gather input from advisory groups. Other than BPAB, there is the Design Team; Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC); Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board which all act as advisory to our MTPO.
BPAB Agenda Contents

A large part of BPAB’s function is an ongoing, updated review of the many MTPO related reports, plans, projects and other important documents needed for preparation of transportation actions in the area. Much of the diverse reviews are integral requirements of an MPO and offer the balance of public, private, expert, advocate and enthusiast to the base of politic participation. The BPAB meeting consists of 2 meetings in 1, the MTPO section – “AGENCY ITEMS” (provides advisory to MTPO before their meeting), and the regular BPAB member items, under the “BOARD ITEMS” section. The 2 meetings do not have to occur on the same day, the MTPO set dates for all its committees a year in advance to coincide with the action needed to report at the MTPO meetings. BPAB can call additional BPAB member meetings as desired by majority vote in a meeting or by sole decision of the Chair. Outside of the MTPO, BPAB member items consist of advisement to the City and County Commissions and involve projects/outreach/programs/recommendations of bicycle and pedestrian related matters/concerns. Items from the City/County will appear with the MTPO items in the “AGENCY ITEMS” section, other items from public/businesses/groups/BPAB members appear under “BOARD ITEMS”.

If you attend more than one of the MTPO/MTPO Advisory Board meetings within a certain frame of time, you will witness redundancy. BPAB, Design Team, Citizen’s Advisory Committee (CAC), Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and MTPO
all have the same agenda items (excluding individual board items). The Design Team meets a week before BPAB, the TAC/CAC groups both meet the day after BPAB, and the MTPO meet 2 weeks after the BPAB/TAC/CAC meetings.
The MTPO meeting consists of presentations on items; decisions of the advisory groups; input from MTPO staff; questions/answers/clarifications/updates/reports from FDOT and then the MTPO decision. FDOT has the last say and makes the final call on the course of action to take, they may choose to disagree with a MTPO decision because of particular state rankings, different viewpoint, federal guidelines, state policies, etc.
For more information on the NCFRPC, MTPO, its Advisories or meetings, please access the MTPO website: http://www.ncfrpc.org/mtpo/index.html

Dekova T. Batey, Staff Liaison
Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Board
P.O. Box 490
Gainesville, FL 32602-0490
Phone (352) 393-8493
Fax (352) 334-2093

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