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Monthly Archives: January, 2012

Great bike lane markings!

Recent Maryland State Study Finds Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Likely to Provide Higher Economic Benefits to Montgomery County, Maryland

Montgomery County, Maryland Endorses Busways for I-270 Corridor
Busway — not light rail — would bring more jobs, money to upper Montgomery, analysis finds
The Montgomery County Council (a suburb of Washington DC) recently voted to change its 2009 transit plans for the congested I-270 corridor from a light rail system to a dedicated busway. The 15-mile [...]

Miami votes to add free “trolley” service downtown

Commuters, sports fans, and others will soon have another option for getting around downtown Miami: a bus trolley that will circulate “through Brickell, downtown and Overtown, east to Biscayne Boulevard, and west to the Culmer Center in the hospital district, culminating at the Miami Marlins’ new ballpark.”
Miami spent $5.6 million to purchase the fleet of [...]